The Good Stuff

I pressed my thumb down on the accelerator and felt the thrill of riding four wheelers through the dusty gravel roads on the mountains rush through me. As I carefully turned the corner, wind blowing through my hair and brisk against my face, I came to an abrupt stop on the other side of the bend. My vehicle skidded to a stop and all I could do was stare at the creation in front of me. The mountains loomed with authority, gently blanketed in snow from the winter and the trees did their dance as the wind blew through their branches. The cloudy sky made the snow stand out starkly against the dark mountains and as my four wheeler stopped and silence settled around me, I couldn’t help but laugh with child like wonder. 

What did we ever do to deserve such a view of this? What did we ever do to live in a world that is beautifully painted with vibrant colors and magnificent mountains and deep oceans and sunsets that make your jaw drop and sky’s that are dotted with flaming balls of fire each and every night? Seriously, what did we do? 
So I sat there and gazed at the view and I realized we did absolutely nothing. Literally. Nothing. My grades weren’t good enough. The amount of likes I get on instagram weren’t good enough. My gpa this semester wasn’t good enough. What sorority I’m in wasn’t good enough. My faith wasn’t good enough. And the amount of times I attended church this month wasn’t good enough either. Nothing I did or ever will do will be good enough to be worthy of anything good in this life. Mountains included. And that just blows my mind. 

But I guess that’s grace. Unearned and unmerited in all its glory. Full of brand new starts and brand new days and brand new opportunities for you and for me each and every day the sun comes back up. Jesus lavishes his love on us in all sorts of ways. Ways we don’t deserve but ways we get to enjoy nonetheless. His love isn’t one that’s passive and always waiting for you to do the next big thing. It’s a love that let’s you throw your head back with uncontained laughter in the valleys of life and it’s a love that teaches you to set your gaze like flint on the eyes of our King as you begin the climb up a mountain you’re not too thrilled about climbing. It’s a love that sprinkles your journey with grace every single step of the way because it’s a love that knows you won’t want to miss out on the view at the top.

Enjoy the little things. Enjoy the phone call from an old friend, a kind smile from a stranger. Be still in the moments you know you’ll never get again. Watch sunsets and sometimes get up early enough for sunrises. Stop and stare at the mountains in awestruck wonder and talk to God on the sandy shores of the ocean as the waves crash down in rhythm.

Enjoy it because it’s all grace. Every single bit of it.

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