“God Knows”

One of my favorite phrases that Haitians frequently say is, “God knows”. Over the past two months and two days, it’s been a phrase that I started using jokingly, but now am realizing that indeed….God knows. He knows even when I don’t know. God knows….Bondye kone. As of Friday, July 13th, I have been back … More “God Knows”


Each day I wake up and as I walk to the Pastoral Training Center for our daily 6:45 am meeting, I look to my left at the mountains, and then head towards the direction of the ocean. It’s incredible to be able to stand in one spot and see two magnificent creations. I can’t even … More Asking


The summer after my freshman year of high school, I found myself sitting in a plastic chair at a church camp writing on a notecard, “Jesus, here is my yes.” At the time, I didn’t know what in the world I was saying yes to. I just knew that the only response I could dare … More YES

Fear is a Liar

I have been too scared to write. Too scared to write because I have a lot of things to say but can’t ever seem to get them out of my head anymore. Too scared to write because I’m literally moving to Haiti this summer and I am actually kind of terrified but equally psyched because … More Fear is a Liar

Realized Dreams

It was a warm, sticky Haitian night and the sun was gently setting over the harsh landscape dotted with bushes and dessert trees. I sat in a small circle with about 5 other girls and swatted away mosquitoes as they tried to land on my arms and I remember hearing our team leader say something … More Realized Dreams