Realized Dreams

It was a warm, sticky Haitian night and the sun was gently setting over the harsh landscape dotted with bushes and dessert trees. I sat in a small circle with about 5 other girls and swatted away mosquitoes as they tried to land on my arms and I remember hearing our team leader say something … More Realized Dreams

And If Not

And if not, He is still good. I’m going to say it again, Tattoo it on your heart, write it on your mirror, ink it on your skin:::::: And if not He is STILL good. Even when life is bad. He is still good even if I never receive the answers my heart is scrambling for. He … More And If Not

Mwen Kapab

Mwen Kapab. or I can. I can’t do a lot of things. I can’t do astrophysics, or sing very well, or do anything more than simple arithmetic in my head without counting on my fingers. But I can do some things. I can love people. I can help people. I can make a small difference, … More Mwen Kapab

With People

I think it’s really easy to take sides. It’s really easy to say you stand with one group and are against another. I think it’s really easy to plant your flag and stand your ground and get angry at what’s going on in the world and our country and name a billion reasons why so … More With People

Question Marks

I live in a constant state of wonder. Wonder for the breath in my lungs and the sunsets splashed colorfully across the sky. Wonder for how great my closest friends are and the joy each of them add to my life. Wonder for what the future will hold and who the future will hold. I … More Question Marks

The Good Stuff

I pressed my thumb down on the accelerator and felt the thrill of riding four wheelers through the dusty gravel roads on the mountains rush through me. As I carefully turned the corner, wind blowing through my hair and brisk against my face, I came to an abrupt stop on the other side of the … More The Good Stuff


People ask me all the time, “what is your major?” and each time I reply with the same exact thing, “human relations with a minor in nonprofit organizations” and then they inevitably ask “what are you going to do with that?” or “how will you make money in a nonprofit?” and each time I reply … More Purpose

Haiti ’17

“Did you see it on the news? Was it on CNN on the television?” I looked at my translator and nodded my head, thinking back to ten years ago. “Yeah, it was! I remember seeing it all over headlines on the news when my mom had the tv on in the kitchen. I remember seeing … More Haiti ’17